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“Josh Brock of Hoffman Appalachian Farm Visits Rotary” – Rotary Club of Saint Marys PA, November 4, 2015

“This week the St. Marys Rotary Club welcomed Josh Brock of Hoffman Appalachian Farm. Josh and his family run the farm out on Taft Road and they grow hops there.”


“Hoffman Hangs Hopes On Hops” –  The Courier Express – September 20, 2015

“Clad in a weathered Penn State shirt, muddy work boots, and a face full of rebellious bristles, Josh Brock doesn’t look like the typical entrepreneur.

But he’s as passionate as any in describing his new endeavor, Hoffman Appalachian Farm.

In his second year of working the fields surrounding his childhood home on Taft Road in St. Marys, his modest hop yard is set to expand from 30 to 400 plants in the next year – a level of growth that still doesn’t begin to meet demand.”


Straub Beer Newsletter – July 2015

“There’s not much better than a cold refreshing Straub that is brewed right here in Pennsylvania, except perhaps for a Straub Beer that has been brewed with locally grown hops. In 2014 Joshua Brock broke ground on his own hop farm in Saint Marys, PA, home of Straub Brewery.”


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About Hoffman Appalachian Farm


“Brock’s Career Influenced By Love of Farming” – St. Marys Daily Press, 2014

“‘Through his current position as an IT Coordinator for Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO) in Spring Mills, St. Marys native Joshua Brock is able to combine his love of organic farming, database design and Macintosh computers. “We are a USDA-accredited organic certifier with clients in nine states and the District of Columbia. A large portion of our clientele are Amish farmers and processors,’ Brock said.”