Our Barnraisers

In the grand tradition of families, friends and a community coming together to aid one of their local farmers with the task of raising or repairing a barn, our Farm completed a virtual barn raising!

From October 5th through November 8th 2015, we conducted an online, crowd-sourcing campaign to raise funds for the purchase of a reliable used tractor and implements. Barnraiser is similar in function to the more established Kickstarter website, however Barnraiser is focused almost exclusively on “good food and healthy living”. As such, we were more in our element…Farms, foodies, chefs and social innovators.

With a base goal of $5,000, our premise and mission was simple…

“We’ve cobbled together equipment for our farming endeavors that are really not fit for the tasks at hand. Many times we are beholden to the schedules and fees of contracted operators to assist with larger jobs. As we don’t come from a farming family, we do not have the types equipment that are often handed down from one generation to the next.”

So we had a stellar video created with the help of a talented videographer, Anneliese Nachman, and our certifier, Certified Naturally Grown, stating our case and our needs. We approached a number of local businesses to ask for donations to use as “Thank you!” gifts, and little by little, our campaign “Our Farm, Our Hometown – Help Us Grow!” came together.



We reached our base goal with over a week to spare and we couldn’t be more thankful! After paying for our Barnraiser fees, credit card processing fees and any costs related to fulfilling our “Thank You!” gifts, we had just enough money for a solid, used tractor.

Now, wed like to honor and thank our Barnraisers again by noting all of them here. This would not be possible without all of them…and you!

Ed Annack

Sandi & Don Antonacio

Bonnie Auman

John Baumgratz

Bean Head Farm

Gretchen Bonfardine

Ron & Lorene Brennen

Harry & Patty Brock

Mike Brock

John & Snooks Brock

Mark Brock

Amy Rae Brock

David Brock

Devin Brock

Terry & Charo Brock

Jude & Linda Brock

Peter & Therese Browne

Jane Bryndel

Cynthia Burris

Missie Burris

Becky Clawson

Laura Claypool

Heather Conrad

William R. Culver, Jr.

Mandy & Ray Davies

Heather Donald

James Dostal

Jacqueline Dougherty

Kristin & Don Fisher

Roger Fritz

Mary Gee

Ann Gerg

Judith Gordon

Bob & Mary Jo Green

Art & Joanne Habergerger

Eric Hanson

Jessica Hartwell

Bridget Healy

Mary Lou Herzing

David & Lise Hoffman

Rich Hoffman

Nancy Hoffman

Christoper Holden

Carol Hunter

Mark Jacob

Holly Keiper

Fleur Kelpin

Matthew Kelterborn

LeRoy Kopp

Kris Kronenwetter

Jason Lang

Harry Lang

Paul LeGrys

Angela Long

Steve Marconi

Andrew (“Ike”) J. Marconi

Mike McDermott

John & Ann McDermott

John Michalowski

Brenton Mitchell

Joe Muhitch

Gretchen Pritts

Marissa Pyle

Andy Rettger

Mary Louise Reuscher

Marie Sayles

Anna Schwyter

Ellen & Frank Scutella

Ed & Carol Smith

Hannah Smith-Brubaker

Julie & Bart Stevens

Jude & Teresa Vavala

Kevin Wall

Tess Weigand

Jason Weigle

Brian Weis

Jennifer Wright

Sylvia & George Young

Alison Yusufzai