“It’s alive…ALIVE!”

Sorry for the dramatic title but…we just got word today from Hines Equipment in Altoona,┬áthe Case-International Harvester dealer we took the tractor to…that repairs have been completed on the 674!!

We will be clearing out room in the barn this coming Monday as ironically with the early Spring we seem to be having, it is now time to return to the Farm each Monday as I’d done in 2015. Very fortunate my directors at AccuWeather allow me to work 4-ten hour days so I have my Mondays off.

Brother Mike and I will be clearing out our collective storage of furniture, appliances and old bikes,┬ásome of which have been taking up space in the Barn since I graduated college in 1993. A very opportune time to make out with the old, and in with the new…which is “ironical” as our tractor is circa 1971 so it’s as old as I am.

The folks at Hines say it runs great and they were kind enough to pass along some photos. Again, this was only made possible by the kind and generous support from folks like YOU…our Barnraisers! You have made a commitment to the success of this Farm, just as we do each and every time we step onto the fields for a full day of work.

IH 674 v1


IH 674 v2


IH 674 v4

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