The Weeds Have Weeds!

Just a few images of our work yesterday, which can be summed up as “Damn you weeds…damn you to hell!”

With such a wet Spring in combination with me able to dedicate only one day per week to make the trip up to the Farm to work, the clover and grasses have just gone ballistic. We haven’t been able to get the smaller, compact tractors and mowers in to maintain the surrounding cover crop outside the hills and as such, it’s become a battle to catch up.


Dad working hard knocking back the growth with our Bolens Ride-A-Matic garden tractor and sickle bar circa late 1950’s.


We got 3 of the 5 hills weed whacked so that’s almost complete. Luckily all the bines are trained so at least that’s done.

End of the day…just about there!

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