Cleaning Up The High Tunnel

The snows have finally melted and the hopyard has emerged! Today was some tidying up of the beds…weeding, trimming, etc…but more importantly moving and stacking sections of our former high tunnel that collapsed almost 3 years ago due to an early January ice storm….

Early Season Trailrunning

The last weekend of March and early April can typically be a crapshoot as far as weather in our neck of the woods. “Am I Winter…should I be Spring…no, I think I’ll stay Winter!” Fuhgeddaboudit!! On March 28, I had a few hours on my…

Winter Fields, Ridgway Chainsaw Rendezvous

The snow is insulating everything…the hopyard, the upper fields…the sound. I threw on the snowshoes and headed up to the hopyard, and where our high tunnel use to stand. It is now a pile of scrap metal waiting to be hauled off for recycling….