Drip, Drip, Drop

Another “fun-filled” day weeding in the small yard. In addition, needed to find out what was causing the pressure issue with the drip irrigation/fertigation setup we’d put in place the other weekend. Brother Mike rightly determined we weren’t getting the amount of pressure out of the system we had originally.

So I essentially, took it apart, piece by piece starting at the end of the line closest to the hops. In the end (well, actually it was near the source) the one shut off valve I’d added after the main tank valve was causing the slow down. Pulled it out and walla! Not a huge time suck, but a time suck nonetheless.

And while not integral to the work day, I did get to finally mount my all-time favorite quote, Farming or otherwise, above the main door to the barn. It’s a good mantra to both start and end the day with.

A little hard to see, but if you look close at the end of the emitters, that’s where the magic happens…

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