Gearing Back Up

03 March 2021 Featured

“Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm.”

John Muir

The 2021 season is about to begin here at the Farm. This coming Saturday will be the first trip back up after what’s been probably the BEST Winter we’ve had in decades. And by “best”, I mean almost a start-to-finish blanket of snow. This has been wonderful for insulating the crowns in their beds under the snow, but it’s also meant a great deal of Winter activities…downhill and XC skiing, snowshoeing and trail running. It will be remembered for more things than a global pandemic.

I’ll catch everyone up to speed with how things wrapped up last season as new posts for this season happen weekly. And a note on today’s cover image…I feel like that pretty much sums up me instructing helpers at the Farm (and reminding myself) that the best practices here are often learned by NOT doing what the Farmer does himself 😉

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