Happy, Not-So-Little, Hops!

We continue to spray Actinovate each week to prevent downy mildew from rearing its ugly fungicidal head in our hopyard and it’s working well.

Making sure it never gets used for anything else

Just making totally sure this sprayer never gets used for anything but organically-approved materials.

Sprayer in its new home

If I can’t backpack with one of my trusty REI packs, I’ll put it to another use 🙂

Ready to go

And away we go!

The yard is looking very healthy and we’re ecstatic. The majority of our hops have topped out at the top of the 20′ trellis and more importantly side-arm growth (side-arms are what the hops are actually growing on) is looking great with a large number of cones forming.

After a dose of Actinovate

One of the bines after a nice dose of Actinovate.

3/4 of the Hops Have Topped out

Upward…and now outward with side-arms…they continue to grow.

Happy little hops


Stretching to Heaven

Hard not to feel inspired as a newbie hops Farmer when you catch a glimpse of this all day!

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